March 3rd 2012

Greetings in the Mighty and Strong Name of the Lord Jesus Christ

What a Wonderful Saviour! Glory to God for His blessings on our family and the work here in Maine! Well Hallelujah! He's Worthy!

I made it home yesterday morning from New Jersey. The flight was great. I was on top of the clouds the whole way. I never saw the ground until I landed at Sanford. Weird how the weather forecast goes. It was suppose to be perfect weather then it changed. Oh well I'm back now and glad for it. I love our church and family and don't like to be away.

As soon as I got back we had staff meeting, I interviewed a new family about the school, I plowed snow and then we had a family night together.

Today I'm studying, visiting, plowing snow again because we got three inches last night, and then going to an all star game this afternoon. It's going to be a wonderful day!

A Servant for Christ

Pastor Todd Bell

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