May 17th 2012 5:37 a.m

Greetings in the Powerful and Precious Name of the Lord Jesus Christ

I wish my youngest daughter Abigail a Happy Birthday today!  She turns 12.  Praise the Lord for God's blessings on my family.

The Lord blessed all day on yesterday.  I was busy teaching the Bible in the morning to Bro. Daniel.  We are studying on prayer.  After that we went visiting.  Then we ate lunch with Pastor Wiley from Church Hill Baptist.  In the afternoon I studied and prepared for the evening message.  God moved in power and glory last night as I preached out of Psalms 142 on God's instruction to us when were overwhelmed.  What a joy to see God's people get so much help.  After the service I went and bought my dad a Japanese Maple tree for his birthday.  He turned 70 on yesterday. 

Today I'm in my study this morning then flying up to mentor Pastor Schoppe.  After that I'm stopping in Camden to look at a Baby Grand piano.  If it works out I'm going to get it and bring it home in a u-haul.  I plan to have it tuned by Saturday night for the Saturday night jubilee.  We then will have two pianos on the platform and what a joy that will be!  Tonight is family night.  God is moving and stirring and for that I'm so grateful!

A Servant for Christ

Pastor Todd Bell

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Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Abigail... Our oldest daughter's birthday is today, and she is turning 12 also! That is so neat!