May 20th 2012 5:45 a.m.

Greetings in Jesus Name

We had a great time in East Millinocket.  Mrs. Amy spoke to the ladies yesterday of the area.  She said she had great liberty as she shared the Word of God.  I spent most of the morning walking around town and remembering how it use to be when I was starting the church up there.  What a joyful time.  The men also went out into the woods and shot some guns.  That was fun!  In the afternoon we flew back.

Last night was a huge blessing.  We had around 150 out for our Saturday night jubilee.  God moved in power and great glory as the Word of God was preached.  Pastor Stoeber preached a powerful message out of Judges 1, 2.  Praise the Lord for the decisions that were made. 

Today I'm studying and preparing for a big day.  We have service this morning in Sanford.  After that I'm baptizing Scott Colwell in the river.  Then I will eat quick and change and fly up to Jackman to preach there.   After that service we will fly back to be a part of choir practice and church tonight at 6.  I'm praying for a landmark day!  Please pray for their to be souls saved and the saints of God stirred and changed for His Glory and Honor!

A Servant for Christ

Pastor Todd Bell

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