December 18th, 2009 5:57 a.m.

Greetings in Jesus Name

It's cool out their this morning with the tempature setting at the big goose egg 0!!

I thank the Lord this morning for how good HE has been to me. He is worthy to be praised. The list I could make would be very long so I will just personally praise Him this morning. Have you spent time today doing just that?

My day was busy and blessed on yesterday with studying, sharing the gospel, fellowshipping and listening to two messages. It was a wonderful day and I bless the Lord for how He helped me so graciously.

I am excited about having the oppurtunity to go over to the new building on Sunday and let all of the church see it. We are anxiously awaiting the God of Heaven to move and work out all the details.

Today I will study and visit and work at the church on the platform. Bro. Henry built an extra piece but I will need one on both sides now to fit the choir. Sooooooo with that in mind I will be busy all day. I appreciate all of you praying for me to have a wonderful day of work.

May the God of Heaven bless each of you as you serve Him who is all together lovely.

A Servant of Christ

Pastor Todd Bell

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