Friday 12/06/08

Greetings in Jesus Name. Friday proved to be a great day of service for the KING here in Sanford Maine. I had my prayer and study time until lunch and thoroughly enjoyed myself in my office. After that I made a visit to the airport to get some things for our mechanic and made a few visits along the way. I came home and made some drawers for a set of cabinets that I'm building for the Berards. After getting done with them it was time to get ready for the Fitzgerald's to come. I am discipling this family on Friday nights. It's a man and his wife and seven kids. To say the least it's very exciting around here on Friday nights. They are a sweet family that really enjoying discipleship and I in turn am loving the opportunity to share the truth of the scriptures with them. Kids got home late from a ball game at their school and off to bed around 11:20. Pray much for the Saturday night special service at our church. All of us are looking forward to our Christmas supper and service to worship our LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST. I wish you were here to be a part.

A Servant for Christ

Pastor Bell

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