Wednesday 12/03/08

It's exciting to see all the God continues to do in and through our lives as we serve HIM here on this mission field. Today was a great day of service. This morning I had a good time in study and prayer. After that I worked on the church van for a few hours getting the oil changed, washing it, and cleaning the windows inside and out. After that my wife and I flew down to Stow Massachusetts to have lunch with a friend of ours. I am grateful to the LORD for the sweet fellowship that we had. After the uneventful flight home (the Cessna 402 is running sweeeeeeet)I studied some more for the evening service. The Spirit of God was real in our meeting for which I praise the LORD!!! It's so wonderful to be able to have a group of people that want to live everyday in revival. For some time now I have been preaching about personal revival from the Word of God. Were also using Roy Hessian's book on the Calvary's Road as a supplemental study guide. After getting home from church (we got home at 8:45p.m this is the time that I am typing this up) I had a snack, watched some news and off to bed to rest up for another day. Praise the LORD for his manifold blessings on my life as I continue serve HIM!! Glory to God!!!! Hallelujah!!!! Amen and Amen!!!!!!

Missionary Pilot and Pastor Todd Bell in front of one of the mission planes a Cessna 402

Miss Christa Berard and Mrs. Amy at Minute Man Airfield in Stow, Massachusetts

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