Thursday 12/05/08

The God of Glory is great and His Name is greatly to be praised. It's a wonderful thing to be able to praise the LORD!!! Join with me today as I praise God for all HE continues to do in our lives. I promise you that your outcome in life will be different if your outcry is praise. Just stop what your doing and try it. Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!
I enjoyed making cabinets for a project I'm doing for a friend a good part of the day. In the process I made a cabinet that I couldn't get out of the shop. That's the third time that happened so I dealt with that by finally replacing the door to my shop. I went to a bargain barn and found a door for 100 dollars. It's up now and looks nice. I'm hoping that never happens again.
For lunch yesterday I flew to another town to encourage a pastor and spend sometime of fellowship together. It was a great blessing and I appreciate the opportunity not just to encourage but also be encouraged myself.
Last night was a wonderful time of discipleship as we studied together on giving. Day after day the LORD JESUS CHRIST continues to challenge me to obey HIS command. That command is found in Matthew 28. We are to go and teach all nations!!!!! Lets all make for sure that we are busy about HIS command. When we are not we are destined for failure.
I retired around 8 after a full day of labor. God is so good and I do bless HIS NAME for all he continues to do in and through this ministry here in Sanford and around this region.

Thank you for your prayers, love, and financial gifts that keep us busy about the fathers business.

Pastor Todd Bell

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running4him said...

Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!! He is so Mighty and Glorious!!!!!!!!!