Now that Christmas Day is past...........

I found myself this morning thinking about a phrase that I titled for this blog. Now that Christmas time is past what next? Many times in our life we have big days that we look forward to. Christmas is one of those days in all our lives. That may be a big statement but for the people I know and love we all appreciate this time of year. But just like all the other days in the past it comes and then it goes. What are we to do now that it's a day in history? This brings me to the thought of faithfulness. The scriptures declare that, "Moreover it is required in stewards that a man be found faithful." The LORD JESUS CHRIST is asking all of us to be faithful stewards of we has entrusted to us. We must ask our self in light of the new year that is upon us, what kind of stewards are we with what God has given us? Are we just going to hide the truth that we have in our hearts and not share it with anyone? We are all called to make a difference. This is my daily desire and has become a theme for our choir in this coming year. I love this song that we sing and I want to make it the personal desire of my life. We are living in dark days spiritually and we must decide what we are going to do about it. Are we going to coast to the finish line or are we going to pace ourselves and finish our coarse with joy. May the GOD of heaven challenge us a fresh and anew to be faithful to HIM in these coming days.
On a side note, our family did have a wonderful Christmas Day together. I am thrilled daily with God's blessings on our lives. We must never forget how good he has been to us. I try passionately to continually be in an attitude of gratitude. I not only believe the BIBLE teaches this but also I see the practical side of what it does to me personally. We all should continually walk throughout our day saying, thank you LORD for your blessing on me!!
I pray each of you have a glorious day. I'm going to be in the Pastors Cabinet shop all day LORD willing.

Pastor Todd Bell

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