A Splendid Sunday

As I type this update on my blog the tempature is 8 degrees with a wind chill below zero. But the good news is that the fires are going and our family is blessed. Hallelujah to the Lamb of God for all HE has done for me and my family.
Sunday all day was a great blessing. I so much appreciate our church and the good people that make it up. The Power of God was very evident in every aspect of the service. I love it when it's this way because I know in my heart of hearts that this will build the church. Their are so many dead churches around today that I for sure do not want to add another one to the mix.
It's was exciting to see visitors out in the morning service. The LORD be praised for what HE continues to do in bringing out visitors to our meeting.
Prayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much this week as on Friday we are going to look at the St. Ignatioius Catholic Church in town. Pray the LORDS will be done.
God Bless each of you for your interest in our ministry and I'm indebted to you for your daily prayers for us.


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