Josiah the Revivalist Part 2

Greetings to All the Bloggers;

I had a great day of study yesterday. I didn't feel good all day so I stayed close to home and read and prayed most of the day. I did make it to Bible Institute and taught one class. The LORD continues to bless in our Bible Institute every Tuesday night. I appreciate those that are coming and what the LORD is showing us through our studies. Pray much for all of those that are coming that the LORD'S will be done in each of every life represented.
Yesterday we begin a written study about Josiah the Revivalist. I have speaking about him for sometime on the audio part of our broadcast but thought I would just put some thoughts down on the blog. Not only did he realize that something had to be done he also begin to reform. The Bible speaks of him tearing down and destroying all the high places of false worship and idolatry. It took alot of guts for him to do this at his young age but he went right on reforming as God had led him to. I wonder today if their needs to be any reform in our life? Is their anything that we have let slip? Are we living a life that is backslid? May the God of Heaven help us to not only realize we need revival but also to reform some things so we can in turn impact our region for Christ.

Pastor Todd Bell

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