A Great Weekend

I praise the LORD for a wonderful weekend of service here in Sanford Maine. It was great to be in Sunday School and teach the adult class. As of late I have been teaching on "Let all things be done decently and in order." Our families, finances, and ? should be decently and in order. I'm leaving the question because I do not want to give away my next thought. On Sunday morning the church was almost full with people and the Spirit of God moved in a glorious way as I preached on having an encounter with the LORD. He appeared to the disciples after HIS resurrection some three times. It changed their life and in turn it will change ours too. We need to know that we have met with JESUS CHRIST on a daily basis. Glory to God for HIS moving in the service. In our night service Bro. Johnson out of Hyles Anderson College preached. He did a wonderful job and preached on "God has your back." It's exciting to see what God continues to do in our midst. Pray much for more labourers to be sent to this area to start more churches for the Glory and Honor of our LORD!
I'm looking forward to resting some today by making cabinets and catching up on chores around the house. May even get a little skiing in with my boy. I pray each of you have a glorious day.

Pastor Todd Bell

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