Praise the LORD for HIS Sovereignty 12/18/08

I pray each of you are having a good day in the respected places you may be reading this. I want to share with you about my day on Thursday. I received a call early on about a family in Millinocket that needed to get to Portland Maine as soon as they could. This family used to go to church where I pastored. I offered to go up and get them and bring them down. Their four year old child had been airlifted earlier. I scurried around and got in the plane and on my way there ran in to bad weather. I pressed on until I couldn't anymore. I don't have confidence in my equipment so I am keeping the plane I was flying in VFR conditions only. I diverted to Bangor (you will find out in this blog why the LORD put that snow squall there) and called the couple to meet me there. On the way to Bangor my turbo on the left engine was acting up but I didn't think anything about it because it had done it a few times before. After landing the family arrived and we loaded up to depart to Portland. On the takeoff run I noticed that I didn't have full power on that engine so I aborted the takeoff. I did a run up on the ramp and confirmed that the turbo was toast. I then taxied back and told them they would have to drive. I flew the plane back alone with 26 inches of manifold pressure which really was not a problem with just me in the airplane. Their four year old boy later died at Portland. Pray much for the libby family that God would have mercy and encourage them during this time.
For sometime now I have been asking God to work through some of the issues on this Cessna 402. He so graciously did that for us on Thursday. First of all I found out from a friend that landed in Bangor that Millinocket had not been plowed yet. If I would have landed in the snow and then my turbo failed on departure it would not have been pretty. The LORD allowed the turbo to fail at one of the longest runways on the east coast. Second I was suppose to be in Islesboro mentoring Bill Schoppe. Their runway is only 2400 feet and only GOD knows what would have happened had it failed there. Third, when I landed at Bangor I called the family and said they would have to drive because of bad weather in Millinocket area. After that phone conversation I was going to go to Islesboro again and then they called back and said that they would like to fly and to just wait for them. So twice the LORD was directing every step to keep me in HIS watch care. Can somebody out there shout unto the LORD!!!!!! All of this proves time and time again the faithfulness of our GOD and HIS watch care in every facet of our lives. The LORD is good!!!!!!!!!
Now I need a turbo and some work on the plane. Would you pray with me that the money would come in for this???? We have no extra and usually have to raise the money for every part we buy. Thank you for praying for this need.
On Thursday night we got the nativity ready for our ministry on Friday. It was a blessing to see all the men working so hard to get it ready. The ladies ironed all the costumes and head wraps. I will have pictures for you on my next blog.
This was a day that will be long remembered and before I stop typing I want to one more time Praise GOD publicly for HIS love, watch care and tender mercy. Glory to GOD in the highest!!!!!!!

Pastor Todd Bell

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