A Splendid Saturday

The LORD JESUS CHRIST blessed me with a wonderful day on Saturday. I enjoyed spending time in my study preparing for preaching on Sunday. I also enjoyed the opportunity to just spend time alone with my LORD. Oh to be more like HIM in every aspect of my life.
In the afternoon Benjamin and I put a half of chord of wood into the barn. It only took us about an hour. It's good to have all the wood in the dry waiting to be burned. God has been so good to us to be able to have all of this in order before winter really sets in. As I write this blog (it's Sunday afternoon around 1:30p.m.) our temperature is around 29f with a little snow blowing.
Last night was a huge success at our church. We had our annual Christmas dinner and Christmas service. The food was out of this world and the service was most blessed. Every man in the church had a portion of scripture to read and I preached a message on one of the seven sayings of Christ from the Cross.
I appreciate the whole day. I praise and bless the LORD for all HE has done and continues to do.


Some of the men that participated in the reading of the scriptures on Saturday Night. I didn't have room to put everybody on but all the men did a wonderful job.

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