Live Nativity 12/19/08

I prepared all day long for our nativity last night. One big problem we had was the weather but then again it was no problem at all because the LORD ordered it. During our live nativity time the conditions were heavy snow and wind. The temperature was a balmy eight degrees with minus 15 degree wind chill. Now do you see why we only had six people show up. It was a blessing and I sense tonight is going to be very busy. This will most likely be our last night with another major snow storm forecast for Sunday Afternoon. The LORD knows and I trust HIM to work out all the details. Their is alot of planning and preparation for a meeting like this so you just want it to turn out well. The God of Heaven makes no mistakes and we trust HIM to the fullest.
I looking forward to studying a good part of the day today (Saturday morning as I type this) and of course I will have some major snow removal to do. That will probably take three hours or more here and at the hanger. I am excited about tomorrow being able to preach the Word of God and teach God's people. I still have to pinch myself periodically to make for sure that this is real. It's almost unbelievable to think that God allows me the privilege of serving HIM!!! Glory to God!!!!!!! Amen and Amen!!!!! You talking about having a good boss!!!!
I'm looking out my window to some more snow coming down and my neighbour is already out blowing his snow. It's currently 7:17 a.m. and the temperature is 8 degrees. Welcome to Maine the way life should be!!
I thank each of you for your prayers and love for this ministry. Continue to pray that the monies will come in to replace the turbo and all the components on the Cessna 402. God knows and we trust HIM to work out all the details.
Also as you pray we must pray God's will be done in regards to the St. Ignatius Catholic Church. Our tour the other day was great and we are seeking God's will about what to do. It's exciting to be part of GOD'S work.
May the individuals that read this blog from our church realize that we must press on with vision. Their is no way we would have ever made it this far if we would have just set back and did nothing. It takes vision and faith to just keep plodding on. The LORD is faithful and HE desires for us to be the same. HE will not fail us as we continue to trust HIM to work out all the details of our future. If your looking at the economy instead of HIM you have made a major mistake. HE does HIS best work in the toughest times so HE in turn can get all the Glory!! People of faith are optimist because the WORD declares "I can do all things through CHRIST which strengtheneth me." We are constantly waiting and looking for the LORD JESUS CHRIST to move and work like HE always has. What a great GOD we serve and I do bless and praise HIS HOLY NAME!!!
Pastor Todd Bell

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