Josiah the Revivalist

For sometime now I have been preaching during my radio broadcast on Josiah. It's amazing when you study his life to see how God used him at such a young age. He was eight years old when he begin to reign. At the tender age of sixteen he decided that something had to be done in Judah. Think with me how God must have done a work in his life sometime between him being 8 and 16. I am calling this Josiahs Realization! I wonder if those reading this blog have come to a realization in their life that something has to change. Our individual lives, families, and church life cannot go on like this. We must hear from heaven before it is to late. Why not today ask God to bring you to a realization that we need a revival. I as a preacher of the gospel do not want to remain the same. I want the LORD to do a wonderful work in my life and keep me fired up for HIM! When we live in revival we live with vision. We are constantly thinking about another individual. Do they know Christ? Have they ever heard of the Love of God? What will happen to them if they do not get saved? May God do a work in each of our lives today.


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