November 19th 2010 5:06 a.m.

Greetings in Jesus Name

I'm excited about this day. I'm up early studying and preparing for the chapel this morning and five other times I will be preaching this weekend in a couples retreat. I'm asking God to do some special things in the lives of the 110 couples that will be at the retreat. Please pray for me that I will be used of God in Groton Ct.

On yesterday I spent some time at the school in the morning. In the afternoon I worked at the hanger on the Cherokee six. What a job to get the bolts back in the spar. There are a couple of places that are just wicked tough to get at. I worked on one bolt for over a hour but finally got it. Glory! After a while I stopped and had a prayer meeting and said "Lord, if this is going to get done it will be because you helped me, please help me!" The Lord be praised I was able to finish that one bolt and come home. I marvel at the fullness of the Holy Ghost and wisdom that you get from walking with God. In the evening I spent time with a new family that is going to join the church on Sunday. How exciting this is. What a blessing it's going to be to have another family that wants to serve!

Today I will be studying this morning. Chapel service will be at 10:30 and then after that we will be driving down to CT. Tonight their are two sessions and then tomorrow their will be three. I'm praying for a powerful time. Also pray for my wife. She will have the ladies in one session tomorrow.

To God be the Glory Great things HE has done. I'm still praying for the 100 to 150,000 for our building. I sense it's coming!

A Servant for Christ

Pastor Todd Bell

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