July 16th 2009 5:51 a.m.

A great view of Islesboro as I fly to Stonington
I'm Dreaming

Greetings in the Lovely Name of our Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ

I am rejoicing in all God did in my life on yesterday. It was such a joy to have Him bless and move as we stepped out in faith. I have been hindered for quite sometime going to Stonington and I told my wife yesterday that I was going PERIOD! I did go just for a short visit but God honored it. I met a man at the airport that took me around. He just "happened" to be saved. He had heard about our ministry a few months ago from a friend of mine who just "happened" to be there on his honeymoon. He said "Nathan told me about a man that flys around and helps struggling churches and starts new churches." He went on to say I wonder if your that man? I said, I am that man he was talking about. It's amazing to see the Sovereignty of God in aligning up all the circumstances to have him at the airport and our paths to cross. My my how God honors you when you step out in faith!!! Glory!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah!!!! Whoopee!!!!!!!!!! Hot Dog!!!!!!!!! I don't know all God is doing but I do sense He is up to something. He does not want those people in that town to go to hell. What a blessing to be used of God. My heart is overflowing.

When I got back yesterday I met with the pastor of Evergreen Covenant Church and we looked at our building. They need another building and we are planning on moving. I sense things are being put in place for our next step in God's masterplan. Glory!

Then last night we put some icing on the cake by getting to go to church. Wow, what a great service. I appreciate the Lord helping us as I preached on "So built we the wall". We must be determined to build and determined in these areas of soul winning and evangelism. Just a great day all around.

Pray for me today as I work around the farm and disciple tonight. I probally am going golfing with my boy this morning. I usally change my schedule a bit on Monday and Thursdays. These are like my days off for me. Believe it or not I do try to pace myself in the ministry. Theirs so much to do but yet I will not be good for anyone if I don't pace myself.

Pastor Todd Bell

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