July 17th, 2009 7:07 a.m.

Greetings in Jesus Name

I pray you are enjoying your day. I have been busy this morning catching up on correspondence. That at times can be a full time job. I'm looking forward to this another day to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Everywhere you go people need the Lord. Just last night my wife and I were in Walmart shopping and I handed out two Gospel tracts. The people looked at me like I was from outer space. They need the Lord. I believe they went home and read them and I pray they will get saved.

I possibly will be going back up to Stonington today if this fog lifts. I must go and see what else is happening there. I need to swing over to Islesboro and spend some time with Bro. Bill in mentoring.

Tonight I'm taking my wife on a date. Shhhhhhhhh it's a surprise. You men that read this, when was the last time you and your wife went on a date? We try to do something every week if it's just an ice cream cone. Find time to date it blesses your relationship.

The wood boiler is just purring outside. I have been cutting down dead pine trees and burning them. What a blessing to have free heat and hot water.

I must go and study and have my devotions. Keep telling others about Jesus. They will get saved and be added to the church. God is doing something tremendous right before our very eyes.


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