July 21st 2009 6:02 a.m.

Greetings in the Matchless Name of the Lord Jesus Christ

I had a great time in devotions on yesterday morning. I praise God for the desire that He has put in my heart to meet with him early in the morning. May God raise up a group of men in this area that say we must meet with God before our day begins.

After that my boy and I went and played golf. He had me three down after 4 but I came back and beat him by three holes. Great competition for both of us.

I loaded up the plane around 12:30 and mom and dad and myself flew up to Stonington and spent all afternoon there. The Lord is obviously working in the hearts of the people there. We had a good reception and enjoyed talking to many people. I got to go in the Burnt Cove church and we even had a little singspiration once we were in the building. Also the lady that is on the board of the church wanted her grandson to see the airplane. I showed it to him by taking him on a ride. I bet he will never forget that. It was good to be able to go and see what God is doing.

I spent the rest of my night on Dick the Digger and in the pool with the kids. It was a good day all around.

This morning I'm studying and will be going up to Lisbon soon. Dave and I are going to drop the bus off to Pastor Garnettes for him to look at it and inspect it. I have a meeting at 1 about a future hanger for our ministry. Would you please pray that God's will be done about this. We desire a bigger place. Also I will be visiting and studying the Word of God today.

These pictures are of the harbor at Stonington. Also their is one of the bus ride on Sunday going to church in Islesboro where their was 20 people out to meeting. The pictures of the church in Stonington is wonderful. The whole inside is tin. The organ is the original out of the 1850's and it still works. Has the original book sitting on the music stand.

God Bless each of you.


I couldn't help taking this picture. He was having a free ride in the track of the big excavator known as Dick the Digger!!

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Missionary for Christ! said...

Wow that church is pretty nice. Wow! Sounds like you made some more head way. Keep it up!